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February 16, 2015

A Helping Hand

"Clumsy! Can't you even stand on your own two feet?" Kim heard jeering voices as she lay on the sidewalk, pain shooting through her skinned knees and hands. Her bulky, corrective shoes made it difficult to go down steps, and she had tripped and fallen. Several girls glanced back as Kim lay sprawled on the ground. Then, except for one, they all ran away to the playground.
"Are you all right?" asked the girl who stayed. Kim nodded bravely but was too winded to answer. "Let me help you up," offered the girl. "Give me your hand. My name is Michelle. What's yours?"
Kim extended her hand. "K-K-Kim," she gasped, finally able to get her breath. "Thanks for helping me, Michelle. You're a real Good Samaritan."
"Good Samaritan? What's that?" asked Michelle as they went into the school so Kim could wash up.
Kim smiled at her new friend. "We learned about him in Sunday school," she said. "Do you go to church and Sunday school?"
Michelle shook her head. "Tell me about your good Samaritan," she said. 
And so Kim told her the story. "The man who took care of the one who was hurt is called the Good Samaritan," explained Kim, "and you really are like him!"
Michelle smiled. "I'm glad I could help you," she said, "but most anyone would."
Kim shook her head. "Two girls from my Sunday school class were in that group that saw me fall, but like those religious leaders, they didn't stop to help. You don't even go to Sunday school, but you stopped. According to Jesus, you were a neighbor to me." She paused for a moment, then added shyly, "But, you know, being a good neighbor isn't enough. You need to know Jesus and love Him, too. Would you like to come to Sunday school with me and learn more about Him?"
"Sure," agreed Michelle as the girls went out to play. "I like that Good Samaritan story. Are there more stories like that one?"
When you see someone in trouble, do you stop to help? That isn’t always an easy thing to do—especially when other people pass on by. The Bible teaches that helping those in trouble is an important part of a Christian’s life. If you love God, show His love to all those around you by being a good neighbor to them. If you do that, you may also have a chance to tell them about Jesus.
You shall love the Lord your God . . . and your neighbor as yourself.

by Children's Bible Hour Christianpost