Who we are?


Full Name: Young Disciples Berkeley

Abbreviation: YD Berkeley

Our Vision

As an evangelical youth ministry, Young Disciples (YD) is committed to transforming the lives of youth through the love of Christ shown on the cross, and strives to equip them to be the disciples that Christ intends.


Welcome to Young Disciples of Berkeley(YD). YD is a Evangelical Christian Fellowship which is focus on spreading the Gospel to revive the spirit of Christianity and to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the unreached across the world.

YD is focusing on Preaching Gospel、Bible Study、Disciples Training to revealing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

We help University Students to build a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and find the deep meaning of their life .Help them to find rigth direction of life and achieve self-realization in Jesus Christ. 

Our Slogan

Change Myslef 、 Change The University 、Change The World。




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  • Tel:415-879-5071
  • Add.: University of California, Berkeley
  • Email: youngdisciplesberkeley@gmail.com